Celestial Kisses

by Tearacotta

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released February 25, 2016

Vocals written and performed by Itchigotchi.
Composed, designed, and produced by Tearacotta.



all rights reserved


Tearacotta SA, Australia

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Track Name: Celestial Kisses
Tell me when the sun will rise, so I remember to shield my eyes
Tell me when it's time to sleep, because you know time I can't keep
Tell me when it's time to sail away, turn my face to the icy spray
Tell me when it's time to sing, otherwise I won't say anything

I burnt my lips when I kissed the sun, so far away from everyone
when the atmosphere of the earth is thin, I was waiting for something to begin
And I stood still, feeling outer spaces chill
the warmth took me close, we touched nose to nose
I'm just left with blisters, Celestial Kisses

Was I too in love with the landscape, the rocks, and the ice and snow
Was I too entranced to know the escape and the water reflected the glow
On the universe I had a crush, when the stars notice me I blush
Maybe I'm meant too linger too long or maybe I forgot that the light was so strong

I'm sure the sun has kissed your cheek so many times
the suns kissed me and in return we're all so meek that's not what I wanted to be
so don't go chasing stars just stay right where you are
there's a reason they stay so far away